Friday, October 12, 2012

Cómo funciona el corazón

Lil man y yo estábamos en nuestra clase de Estudios Sociales aprendiendo sobre cómo debemos cuidar nuestro cuerpo. Estas son algunas maneras que podemos cuidarnos:
  • Teniendo buenos hábitos de higiene
  • Siguiendo las reglas de seguridad (para protegernos contra accidentes)
  • Protegiéndonos ante extraños y personas que nos hagan sentir incómodos
  • Teniendo buena alimentación
  • Haciendo ejercicios
Hablando de ejercicios, mencionamos que eso mantiene nuestros huesos y músculos saludables, y también ayuda al corazón a fluir mejor la sangre a todo el cuerpo.
Lil man: ¿Sangre???
Yo: Sí, mi amor, nuestro cuerpo está lleno de venas y arterias que llevan sangre a todas partes. Es bien necesario para que nuestro cuerpo funcione bien y tenga todos los alimentos y oxígeno que necesitamos.
Lil man: ¿Por eso es que si nos cortamos, sale sangre?
Yo: Exacto, y no queremos que eso pase, porque necesitamos la sangre adentro de nuestro cuerpo.
Lil man: ¿Y cómo el corazón hace eso?
Yo: Pues el corazón es como una bomba, llevando sangre a todas partes. El sonido que hace el corazón es la sangre entrando y saliendo por unas puertitas y hoyitos.
Lil man estaba fascinado. Recordé que mi amiga Lennie busca mucha información en YouTube, así que me puse a buscar. Encontramos este video que explica bastante detalladamente cómo la sangre pasa por el corazón.

Luego vimos esta animación de la sangre entrando y saliendo por el corazón.

Luego en la clase de arte, Lil man quiso hacer un dibujo, pero no me dijo lo que iba a hacer. Agarró un papel y marcadores, y esto fue lo que dibujó!

Estoy super orgullosa de cómo pudo captar el concepto tan rápidamente. Gracias YouTube!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

¿Quién sabe más?

Lil man y yo estábamos hablando de las diferentes etapas del crecimiento en la clase de Estudios Sociales. Primero hablamos del crecimiento físico, de cómo vamos creciendo desde la niñez y adolescencia hasta la adultez y vejez.

Luego hablamos del crecimiento intelectual. En la niñez, los niños no saben mucho y dependen todo el tiempo de sus padres. En la adolescencia ya los jóvenes van aprendiendo más, y cada vez dependen menos de sus padres. En la adultez, los adultos saben mucho y son independientes ("Mamá, ¿qué es independiente?" "Que ya no dependes de nadie para hacer las cosas."). Luego en la vejez, los ancianos son muy sabios y pueden ayudar y enseñar a los demás con sus experiencias.

Lil man se quedó pensando.
Lil man: Papá sabe mucho entonces. Sabe hasta "space".
Yo: Sí, mi amor, Papá es muy inteligente porque es un adulto.
Lil man: Pero tú sabes menos.
Yo: ¿Qué? ¿Por qué?
Lil man: Porque tú eres más bajita que Papá, y no llegas a "space".
Yo: Ah, bueno, es verdad, él es más alto, pero los dos somos adultos y sabemos mucho.
Lil man: Pero tú no eres independiente.
Yo: ¿Y por qué no?
Lil man: Porque siempre le pides ayuda a papá a coger algo que está arriba o a sacar lagartijos.
Yo: {Plop}
Me quedé sin palabras. Usó mis propias explicaciones para demostrar que yo no soy ni inteligente ni independiente. O por lo menos no tanto como su Papá. ¿Quién cuestiona ese razonamiento?

Tackle it Tuesday: Homework

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Lil man is in Pre-K and already gets daily homework assignments. Most of them are simple enough, color this, trace that, but sometimes he gets more "advanced" tasks, like the one he had last week.

He was supposed to look up in newspapers or magazines the letters that make up his name, then cut them and paste them into the homework sheet.

When doing homework, I always try to help him as little as possible, only sitting beside him to give him instructions and make sure he's grabbing the crayons or scissors correctly. In this case, I decided to have a little fun and dropped several newspapers on the floor for him to dig through. At first, he was a bit hesitant to touch "daddy's paper", but I assured him that daddy had said it was OK - actually he had no idea, but I tried to salvage as much of the current day's paper as possible! :)

We had so much fun going through pages and pages of newspaper, noticing all the pictures, letters, and colors, and he selected the letters he liked the most. He cut them all up himself and used the glue stick to paste them to the sheet. Take a look at the madness fun time, and the final product. Pretty good, huh? Well, I'm biased. :)

He even brought 2 of his stuffed animals to help!

He was having so much fun!

It's the little things that we celebrate the most

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Thanks to the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom for creating Tackle it Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday: Lil man's study area

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This week I tackled lil man's study area. Yes, his desk is pretty clear, but that's because he does his homework there. But the ottoman is a different story. Every time lil man leaves something on top of this desk, I move it to the ottoman to make room for him to work, and guess what? It piles up pretty quickly!

Ottoman before

Yesterday, lil man was having his speech therapy here, so I decided to clean up. I might be messy, but I'm not letting other people see it, no way!

Ottoman after

Amazingly enough, it wasn't that hard to put everything in its place. If only I did it every time, and not wait until everything is piled up. But then I wouldn't have anything to post here, wouldn't I? :)

Happy tackling!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Thanks to the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom for creating Tackle it Tuesday!

Tackle it Tuesday: Back to School

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme
I have enjoyed and admired the "Tackle it Tuesday" series by 5 Minutes for Mom for some time now - I mean, who would be bold enough to dare show everyone their messy lives and their piles of clutter? But when I read the story behind it (you can read about it here), I jumped on board immediately!

Only a handful of unfortunate people really know how incredibly messy I am, but if it will help me get my life - and my house - in order, then bring it! I think it's safe to assume the hubby will be very happy about this.

This week I will start with an easy one: Back to School. Lil man started Pre-K this week and for the first time he had a big-boy bag and lunchbox, and tons of books and notebooks. Since last year all his gear and materials had his name scribbled on a Sharpie - very sloppy - I decided to plan ahead this year, and purchased a combo pack from Mabel's Labels. Can you say adorable?
OK, full disclosure time: this is NOT a sponsored product review. Mabel's Labels did not ask me to write this post, nor did they give me the labels. I paid for them myself, and liked them so much I decided to share it with you. I do participate in their affiliate program, which I joined after trying out the labels. That is all.
Now that we've taken care of that, I can go back to gushing about the awesomeness of these labels. I mean, sticky labels that are microwave AND dishwasher safe? Clothes labels that are machine-washable? Nah, they must be joking!

Well, take a look at these pics and tell me they don't look gorgeous! It definitely made preparing for back to school enjoyable instead of dreadful. Thanks ladies!

There are several sheets per type of label. Plus 2 bag tags, fab!

Shoe labels: these are my fave - genius!

Tag Mates for clothes: yet another genius idea!

Sticky labels and bag tags, so friggin cute!

And now lil man is ready for school, and very excited!

Thanks to the ladies at Mabel's Labels for creating such great products!